Track 11: Does true belief require an intellectual leap? Does faith mean believing something you know isn’t true, committing intellectual suicide? How does this skeptical definition fit into our earlier criteria for a good world view, as well as to the emphasis on evidence in the New Testament? While the New Testament approach to faith is not less than rational and evidential, is there something more to faith than intellectual understanding about the facts?

Track 12: Can anyone really be sure of going to heaven? Can anyone really know for sure that they’re fully prepared for heaven? If the New Testament really promises assurance of eternal life, then what motivation would anyone have for living a good life anymore – why be good?

Track 13: Conclusion and other resources If you’re wanting more in-depth audio on these same basic issues, you’ll find a couple options here. We recommend a 6 CD set of 12 half-hour audio dialogues, The Search for Meaning. To obtain a copy call 1-800-617-3272. Or, you may listen to these conversations on the web at